Here at ASKCARBON we prefer to personally consult each and every customer on their bespoke steering wheel order. It allows us to guide and help each client create the ultimate steering wheel design suitable for their build. We pride ourselves in our goal to creating a strong client relationship for many years to come! We are available 24/7 for our clients! The #askcarbon way. 

Keeping that in mind, we have put together our own unique ordering process to facilitate the ultimate bespoke ordering experience. To order please follow the following easy, and simple steps. 

1. Contact us @askcarbon on Instagram via Direct message (DM) or email us @sales.askcarbon@gmail.com. A highly experienced sales associate will get back to you within minutes!

2. Together we will help you design the PERFECT steering wheel, bespoke for your cars interior. We will take your personal design ideas and provide examples, and different options for your build including but not limited to:

- SHAPE: We have many different shapes you can choose from. From OEM to F1 Style YOKE. 

- LED SHIFT MODULE: We are able to add a LED SHIFT SMART DISPLAY To most makes /Models. We also offer an exclusive fully integrated "RARRI " Style LED Shift module that displays REVs only for something more subtle.

Carbon: Gloss or Matte Finish or Special Carbon Finishes (Forged, Blue, Red, etc) Special reflective carbon etc.

- Leather or Alcantara: You may choose any color leather or alcantara. Choose between Perforated or Smooth Leather. We use only ITALIAN GRADE AUTOMOTIVE HIDES.

- COLORS: You may choose any color stitching. We are able to provide sample cards to match the most unique interior colors! We can also do many different variations such as German flag, M Stripe etc. Sky is the limit.

12 o Clock Racing Stripe: If desired, Can also be done in any color. 



ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: (Subject to model availability and compatibility 

- Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters: Extended or URUS Style (model depending )

- AIRBAG COVER (In Alcantara or Leather) Depending on model availability 

- TRIMS: Can also be done in Carbon, Gloss black etc. Some customers may opt to use their oem trims.

HEATING: Unlike others in the industry we are up for the challenge. We do offer to retain heating on certain car models. This can only be done for cars with heated steering wheel from factory.

**NOTE** For most steering wheel applications, the customer will be expected to transfer over ALL their original electronics to the new steering wheel (buttons, airbag, internals) The only exception to this would be for RETROFIT Packages which will include everything ( FOR EXAMPLE GEN 1 R8 to GEN 2 R8 RETROFIT PACKAGE)

3. Once the design is confirmed. Your Spec is now locked in. We are unable to change an order once it has been confirmed and sent to our production facilities. Once an order is placed, it is a final sale. We cannot refund an order in production for any reason. 

Order Timeline: 

We aim to complete bespoke steering wheel orders within 30-40 days. This does not include any holidays etc. This is an estimate. We will keep you posted throughout the process for accurate production time.

Time variables such as purchasing of an OEM cores, materials  etc can influence a build’s timeframe. We cannot guarantee meeting deadlines for personal or show-related reasons.

4. Once the steering wheel is finished, we will send you High quality photos of the product from every angle to ensure 100% satisfaction! We will then prepare to ship once and only the final steering wheel is confirmed by the customer.

5. Once the steering wheel is received we always suggest PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION. Please ask your ASKCARBON Sales Rep for an AUTHORIZED INSTALLER IN YOUR AREA. We have a wide network globally for your convenience.

6. ENJOY! Once you steering wheel is installed we encourage you to tag us @askcarbon! Drive safe and enjoy in good health!